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Analysis of the development status of China's coal tar industry and the development direction of processing technology

The upstream of coal tar is the coal industry, and the midstream is the coal tar processing (phenol, pitch, carbon black, etc.) industry; the processed products are important basic materials for metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, rubber, textile, building materials and transportation industries.

Jun 07,2023

Profit Analysis of Coal Tar Deep Processing Industry

From the theoretical profit and loss of coal tar deep processing enterprises in 2020-2023, it can be seen that the average profit of coal tar deep processing enterprises in Shanxi, the main production area, was 354 yuan/ton this week, a decrease of 244 yuan/ton from last week. This week, the price of high-temperature coal tar, a raw material, dropped slightly, with sporadic unsold auctions and a few prices rising. However, the market of coal tar pitch, the mainstream product of coal tar deep processing, is running at a low level, and there is little improvement; the market of anthracene oil has certain support, and the goods are going well, but the price is low; Oil products rose. On the whole, the profitability of the coal tar deep processing industry is good.

Jun 07,2023

Analysis of the status quo and market prospect of the fine chemical industry

With the continuous development of science and technology and the acceleration of industrialization, fine chemical industry has risen rapidly as an important branch of chemical industry. Fine chemical industry refers to the transformation of chemical raw materials into high value-added, high-quality chemicals and materials, with high technical content and added value. This article will analyze fine chemicals in detail from the aspects of definition, industrial chain, market prospect and technological development.

Jun 07,2023

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