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What is fine chemical industry? Which industries are included?

In recent years, all countries in the world, especially industrially developed countries, have regarded the development of fine chemical products as one of the key development strategies for the upgrading and adjustment of the traditional chemical industry structure, and their chemical industries are all developing in the direction of "diversification" and "refinement".

Jun 07,2023

What are the uses of coal tar

Coal tar is generally used as a raw material for processing and refining to produce various chemical products, and it can also be used directly. As a batching component of industrial briquette, coke and coal-based activated carbon binder, it can also be used as raw material for fuel oil, blast furnace injection fuel, wood preservative oil and burnt carbon black.

Jun 07,2023

What is coal tar deep processing

Coal tar deep processing (English name processing of coal tar) refers to the process of separating the complex composition coal tar obtained from coal through high-temperature carbonization process into chemical and energy products through chemical and physical processing. The deep processing of coal tar is an important part of modern coal chemical industry and one of the effective ways of comprehensive utilization of coal. The coal tar deep processing device is a supporting device for the production of metallurgical coke by high-temperature carbonization and coking of coal.

Jun 07,2023

Introduction and development status of fine chemical industry

Fine chemical industry is the abbreviation of the production of fine chemicals industry. Most of them use basic chemical raw materials and produce fine chemicals with excellent performance, high added value and stable quality through complex and sophisticated technology.

Jun 07,2023

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