Distillation Unit

Three sets of rectification towers for rectification separation test

Fixed bed catalyst evaluation device

Fixed-bed reactors and supporting equipment are used for catalytic hydrogenation, catalytic oxidation and other process research and catalyst evaluation.

Corning G1 Microchannel Reactor

The introduction of advanced Corning G1 microchannel reactor has excellent mass transfer and heat transfer performance, no amplification effect, and continuous reaction. The annual flux can reach 80 tons, which is used for continuous flow process development and small batch product customization.

Agilent Gas Chromatograph

Agilent 8860 gas chromatograph (3 sets), used for qualitative and quantitative analysis and detection of products.

Shimadzu Liquid Chromatograph

Shimadzu LC-2050C 3D liquid chromatography (2 sets), used for qualitative and quantitative analysis and detection of products.

Metrohm Potentiometric Titrator

Metrohm automatic potentiometric titrator-905 has high sensitivity and can be used for neutralization titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration and redox titration.

Malvern particle size analyzer

Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer Malvern Mastersizer 3000 is used for particle size and distribution detection of products.


Agilent ICP-Mass7900 model inductively coupled plasma emission mass spectrometer, low detection limit, up to ppt level, high sensitivity, used for metal ion detection of products.


American HACH Hach LICO 620 desktop colorimeter, easy to operate, flexible, accurate measurement, used for colorimetric detection of products.
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