Production Operator

7k-8K(Monthly Salary)

Operating area (work place)

Group company headquarters: Lvqiao Industrial Park, Huanghua City, Cangzhou, Hebei Province

Whole-owned subsidiary:

1. Xinnuo Lixing (Cangzhou Bohai New District) Chemical Co., Ltd., Lingang National Chemical Park, Huanghua City, Cangzhou, Hebei Province;

2. Yijinhuoluo Banner Xinnuo Zhengneng Chemical Co., Ltd., Yijinhuoluo Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.

Salary package

Stable and diverse salary and welfare system, with guaranteed pockets.

1. Salary: post salary + performance salary;

2. Bonus: quarterly performance award + various special awards;

3. Allowance: four fees a year (heatstroke prevention fee + heating fee + Mid-Autumn Festival benefits + Spring Festival benefits);

4. Welfare: five social insurances and one housing fund + various benefits (free college student apartment + free shuttle bus + festival activities + team building trip + paid family leave + pre-job training + on-the-job training + other benefits);

Application Conditions

1. Majors and colleges: The 2023 general recruitment of fresh graduates with a bachelor’s degree or above; domestic key universities, traditional chemical engineering schools, and world-renowned universities; majors in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, and applied chemistry.

2. Academic performance: Good academic performance at school, no make-up exams for professional courses; English level above CET-4 for undergraduates and CET-6 for postgraduates.

3. Comprehensive quality: physical and mental health; strong communication, expression and organizational coordination skills; strong responsibility, pragmatic style, team spirit; strong will and corporate identity. Under the same conditions, members of the Communist Party of China, who have work experience in student unions and associations, relevant social practice or enterprise internship experience, various honor winners, and those with specialties in literature, art and sports are preferred.

Application Process

1. Resume Delivery: Resume delivery mailbox

2. Preliminary test: After the resume screening, the preliminary test list will be determined (subject to the staff phone, text message, and email notification), and enter the preliminary test link.

4. Re-examination: After the initial test, determine the re-examination list (subject to staff phone calls, text messages, and email notifications), and enter the re-examination link.

5. Recruitment: Pass the re-examination, communicate to confirm the recruitment intention, issue an offer, and sign a tripartite agreement.


Contact number:

Liu Yaping: 15733783367

Song Jia: 15733787706

Fu Jinxiu: 15733787796

Liu Yitong: 15733787706


Resume delivery email:

Address: Luqiao Industrial Park, Huanghua City, Hebei Province