R & D Experimenter

20W+(Annual Salary)

Operating area (work place)

Group company headquarters: Lvqiao Industrial Park, Huanghua City, Cangzhou, Hebei Province

Whole-owned subsidiary:

1. Xinnuo Lixing (Cangzhou Bohai New District) Chemical Co., Ltd., Lingang National Chemical Park, Huanghua City, Cangzhou, Hebei Province;

2. Yijinhuoluo Banner Xinnuo Zhengneng Chemical Co., Ltd., Yijinhuoluo Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.

Salary package

Stable and diverse salary and welfare system, with guaranteed pockets.

1. Salary: post salary + performance salary;

2. Bonus: quarterly performance award + various special awards;

3. Allowance: four fees a year (heatstroke prevention fee + heating fee + Mid-Autumn Festival benefits + Spring Festival benefits);

4. Welfare: five social insurances and one housing fund + various benefits (free college student apartment + free shuttle bus + festival activities + team building trip + paid family leave + pre-job training + on-the-job training + other benefits);

Application Conditions

Master's degree, in the direction of organic synthesis or new polymer materials, work experience is preferred

Application Process

1. Resume Delivery: Resume delivery mailbox

2. Preliminary test: After the resume screening, the preliminary test list will be determined (subject to the staff phone, text message, and email notification), and enter the preliminary test link.

4. Re-examination: After the initial test, determine the re-examination list (subject to staff phone calls, text messages, and email notifications), and enter the re-examination link.

5. Recruitment: Pass the re-examination, communicate to confirm the recruitment intention, issue an offer, and sign a tripartite agreement.


Contact number:

Liu Yaping: 15733783367

Song Jia: 15733787706

Fu Jinxiu: 15733787796

Liu Yitong: 15733787706


Resume delivery email: 1061572587@qq.com

Address: Luqiao Industrial Park, Huanghua City, Hebei Province